TTSB, wow! Are you peeing your pants all of a sudden after being exposed as a true cyber-terrorist that you are? DO YOU THINK WE ARE DUMB TO SUDDENLY BELIEVE YOUR POSTS...with a hint of a neutral tone towards this stock? Your post is still vague and full of 'BS' as usual. In this case, as your English is horrible, you simply copied and pasted from the news release. 

Seriously, you admit that instead of the Twin Towers being attacked, you wish the White House & Wall Street were attacked and destroyed.

Your strong beliefs and deranged psychological attitude can make one assume that your religion is from the East. Another most probable assumption is that you are online and living your life on to promote pure chaos, doubt, and ill-will towards any and all stocks that you can deligitimize!

You have been caught red handed with proof in my inbox about your extremely illegal, immoral, scary, unsympathetic, deranged, anti-social, and anti-American / Western remarks.

Suddenly, you are scrambling and afraid of either the FBI or an extending branch or Agency in collaboration with the U.S. Government crashing through your front door! 

You read about 1,400 posts a day on Stockhouse and  you spread fear and doubt amongst investors on these boards. 

You are the perfect definition of a CYBER-TERRORIST who is probably more than that and an easy extrapolation of my thoughts can lead any lay or sane person to conclude more, which is very obvious. 

Good luck and sleep FEAR. Your hatred for the West and the U.S. is disgusting. You are a sick waste of a human being who is spending his waking and sleeping hours roaming investment boards online for his own disgusting and immoral objective.

Your act of "Financial Jihad" on the West is a futile attempt designed to fail from the very beginning. Wake up, the West and the U.S. are much stronger than you can ever imagine. Freedom reigns and will always crush you like the cockroaches that you are!

If anyone reads my posts and can take some serious actions against this CYBER-TERRORIST, please do so. I have proof of this disgusting waste of a human being who made a very big mistake and messaged my inbox. 



RE: RE: RE: Hey Loser!
 on 12/6/2012 10:45:51 AM




what evr make u sleep at night....hope your inevtent does not got to 0$ .....slepp well my darling

by the way im not from the pathetic western world as far as im concerned the twin towers were the wrong traget should have been the whit house first than wall st


I thought the Chinese and the Russians were bad at Cyber-attacking. It seems that you are much worse and a shameful disgrace to your own people and religion. Not all people from your faith are disgusting as you. It is very pathetic to see that cockroaches like you give a bad name to every other person of your religion who live life so peacefully. You obviously are the 'cookoo-case.' You need SERIOUS PROFESSIONAL HELP AND CATHARSIS! 

Mr. Profit