TTSB and I have been conversing through our inboxes. He sent me a message today. Can anyone with some legal background give me their input into possibly censuring this potential or terrorist-seeming individual who roams stockhouse bashing and shorting stocks?


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 on 12/6/2012 10:45:51 AM



what evr make u sleep at night....hope your inevtent does not got to 0$ .....slepp well my darling

by the way im not from the pathetic western world as far as im concerned the twin towers were the wrong traget should have been the whit house first than wall st


Thank you to all the readers of stockhouse for caring and wanting to take serious actions against miscreants and  below-standard human beings who are easily identified as non-recyclable trash.

I understand that the internet is a great medium to burgeon free speech and anyone can say almost anything, even in our Western world; however, any legal input into stopping this terrorist-seeming individual is appreciated.

Mr. Profit