Well said knowledge Seeker, after going threw the management circular, it looks to me that management holds roughly about less then 10% of the outstanding shares. I cant see any benefit to us shareholders, but management certainly does, they have and will be voting "FOR" everything that us shareholders disagree on. Well there salaries have increased on a yearly basis, and our sp has tanked, who is really benefiting? Management and thats about it as far as I can see,,,, am I missing something? I cannot see how any investor would be in favour of what they are proposing at all.

 This is why we need to step up and cast our votes to voice our opinion, its our right to do so, it takes less then a minute to do and can help out huge! As far as Craig goes from TMX, I do give him credit as he does respond fairly quickly, he must be getting sick of my e-mails, but he still doesn't answer the question of " Do you think this is good for shareholders?", he just gives me the same response as indicated by management. Hopefully he is passing on alot of our e-mails to management so they can see that were ticked off.