Lol! A lot of filler posts on this board lately,while we wait for,hopefully,a deal with SBM.We will probably still be waiting 6 months to a year from now,so patience will be required.Even if a company was interested in a possible collaboration with SBM today,in the cosmetics field,there would have to be testing done by that company to compare with what they already have in the pipeline for free.Would it be worth their while monetarily,does it match well with their formula at all,would they have to completely change their formula of the cosmetic involved,is it as good and as safe as they say,etc?This is not just a two day decision.Just getting the testing scheduled could take months,if they have any problems meeting contracts that are on the board already.We're talking manufacturing companies,not just a lab buying our product.

  Pharmas will be the same for our other projects.Months for these type of companies are like days to us.This has now become a buy and hold stock.Looking at it every day could result in long term disillusionment for any investor.They have done their jobs in the lab.Now it's up to the sales people to do theirs.Jmo