No one on this board has insinuated we're looking at a half billion buyout.But,only an idiot would suggest that what they have come up with in the different areas would be of no interest to anyone.They have said on more than one occasion they are in talks with different groups.What they come up with we'll see in the future.Whatever they choose to do,this stock will not be worth .11 much longer.As far as I can see,that's all anybody here is saying.

      We all know phase 1,2,3 milestones are lengthy and drive companies into the multi-dollar mark.SBM has stated this is pretty well as far as they're going,and looking to sell their research.Anything over .50 would be great.Anything over $1.00 would be super.It's a gamble we've taken,the risks are ours.

Get over yourself.Go find another board to try to impress the newbies on.Try the Pinksheets.Each post you come with makes you sound more like an idiot than the previous one.Save yourself the embarrassment.