I wouldn't put much faith in a board roumor that there will be news coming on a given day or two.  I don't see how a retail broker would be in a position to know any more than anyone else about a microcap's intentions to release news.  Even if he/she did, I doubt a broker would risk his liscence by telling a regular client.  My guess is that the kind of client that gets priveleged info isn't the kind that frequents Stockhouse.

That said, SBM did put out the anti-aging NR today...  ;).

SBM could drift between 8 and 15 cents over the next couple of weeks and I will not be worried.  I bought a bunch more just before close at .115, bringing my average cost up to about 9 cents.  I was impressed with the selling discipline versus the buying interest over the last few days.  Normally a stock like this would drift down more between releases during the pump phase.