In theory we can see this pop after some very hopeful news...I heard from someone on this board...i think i may hae been rockstar that said his broker informed him of a news release today or tomorrow and according to him his broker is never wrong. This news could boost shares up to 80 cents ( optimistic ) again like we have seen in Dec 2010. No insider selling...This could have been what they were waiting for...THIS could be the BIG one considering the OTCQX introduction and the firm they hired in New York to promote their business and make it appeal to investors. A fire's a burning under this rocket and I am hoping it takes off sometime in February.

These boards are very appealing to me as well. Im a greenpea to this investor scene and am hoping to make it a carreer one day. This board allows me to learn some wild investor jargon and gain insight into the thoughts and suggestions that we all can share...because we all are fat cat capitalists here right?


Lets go SBM, take me to the moon!