Tx. One of the reasons I rarely posted over the last 15 years as a member of Stockhouse is that there has rarely been much reason.  Almost all of the discussion is about hope rather than evidence, and any effort to change that has been futile.  There are a few exceptions and it is nice to find tidbits of wisdom here and there.

The one thing I find stockhouse and other boards useful for is to guage the level of retail interest in a stock.  If a stock is being heavily discussed with a lot of supporters willing to post their hopes and dreams for the stock, it is probably time to get out, or at least it is probably to late to get in safely.


One thing that I forgot to list as evidence that insiders are not selling - insiders did not sell the last time SBM ran up to 80 cents in Dec 2010 (except of one tiny sale by Chris Verrico of 2000 shares out of a holding of 1,385,000).  In fact, insiders bought on the way down and have held their shares since. 


The reason I find this an attractive speculation is simple:

1)  Sirona needs to refinance this year and you can be sure the insiders don't want to do that at 12 cents - especially since they saw 80 cents last time, with no where near the quality of marketable news they have now.

2) There are a few near term catalysts such as the possibility of partnerships or out-licensing, now that they have some tangible and attractive IP to offer.