There is a lot of speculation that the price is being "played like a fiddle".  Not so.  The price is stuck at .12 because of a couple of large iceberg sell orders at a limit of .12.  On the TSE, an iceberg order is a limit order that doesn't all show up on the ask - i.e., only part of the offer is shown in the ask size.   Yes, it is perfectly legal and does not imply manipulation.  It just means someone wants to dump their stock without spooking the market.

Iceberg orders are normal practice for institutions that need to sell (or buy) a bunch of illiquid stock.  They are almost always done anonymously.  One iceberg order was closed with the 30,000 share trade at 10:29:41, as shown by the "W" marker.  (The "K" marker just means the trade sets the official last price.)   The fact that there has been more anonymous selling since suggests that there is another iceberg sell order in place.  Once all the icebergs melt, the continued buying might move the stock up.


10:29:41 V 0.12   30,000 28 BBS 1 Anonymous KW


If it is any consolation, there has been a lot of anonymous selling since SBM was at 4 cents at a rate of a half million per week, so the recent sales are nothing unusual.  It is the amount of buying that is "manipulating" the price.  ;)

last 5 days: net -553,000

Lats 10 days: net -1,033,000

Last 20 days: net -1,770,500

Last 40 days: net -4,381,000