50 day going to cross through the 200 day..Technical takeoff....continuous insider buying coupled with huge money sitting on the sidelines waiting for this to push through the intra day high of .115 on 10th Dec will drive this hard towards .20.....starting this week.


          The Japanese skin lightener market is at around $6 billion annually with 55% of their female population using current lead products that produce Hydroquinone....an agent in skin  lighteners that has been linked to cancer...SBM's skin lightener product has 0% Hydroquinone and is 7 times more effective than other lead products on the market.....This is why market rumor is that huge Japanese Pharma is looking at aquiring control of this product before it makes it mainstream....what will it be worth to them as it is safer and 7 times more effective than anything else they are using?????? billions


          Their (SGLT) inhibitor for type 2 diabetes is 18% more effective as it reduced glucose at 44% compared to 26% for Johnson & Johnson lead inhibitor Canagliflozin. The big pharma's of north america will be watching this closely as they will want control of this before it goes clinical trial.....that is why SBM is potentially a huge market leader in several different areas and makes it a huge takeout target for 2013.