I decided to go the rest of this Precious Metals Bull Market with a pure Royalty Stocks Portfolio.

I think it will yield me the highst return with limited risk:
Here it is so far:
27,5% T.BPV - Bridgeport Ventures soon to be PREMIER ROYALTY (infos here http://mineninvestor.com/?p=107)
12.5% T.FNV - Franco Nevada http://www.franco-nevada.com/
12.5% T.RGL - Royal Gold http://www.royalgold.com/
12.5% V.SSL Sandstorm Gold http://www.sandstormgold.com/
10% EURO RESSOURCES http://www.euroressources.eu/
5% Abitibi Royalties Inc http://www.abitibiroyalties.com/
5% Gold Royalties Corp http://www.goldroyalties.ca/
Thoughts or questions very welcome. have a great weekend!