i sypathis with yous guys  but    sure  it could be a loane    but ask you selfs  is you managment idiots  i happen to know they arnt   if fact  they are  pritty good.... so you have to ask why they made that deal..............   thats the key naturaly       the deal  has its oun voice   it says  ryan is smart and they  wanted  dearly to get into ct any way any how.  ct knew they were in the driverseat........  they didnt have to take it....  so that  tells me     that  of a lot of interested  investors and companys  and there are a lot   ( people in the busness geoligistd etc all know ct  has pasted  the ground work  and  they no longer in the position of haveing to prove  they can be comercial       so its  going to be mined   and the beauty is they can mine it th3emselfs   thats the only companys you should invest in     etc                            if yous dded ct you muct see they have it all.  i bet yamana or gold corpe dont have as easy a place to mine    with so much built in position and infra  etc........    i dont ever expect to see one this good ever...  in my opinion  there was a lot of  back room   stuff with  the largew similare investors  and the boards.....  and   if it does end up as a loan  im sure they  has told ryan  they will make it up..... but they know   i think    that ct might want ryan in   and  ryan will have to pay  but its   worth it ...     next drils will show  somehting of the size of the resorse   and   if it realy is large  then  you will see ryan and ct jv   with ct in controll 70 30        tryan will pay around 1400000  ove 3 4 years     and   its a bargain.....           then ryan will have  either a good proffit  but hopfully  thy can fen off yamana or whoever  ( they are watchi9ng ct like a halk with 4 eyes.....)  and i think thats another reason for ryan   to help fend  them off   so they either pay what its worth  or  leave us to mine it ...( they will pay what i9ts worth...........in two years  its going to be  the jucyest  takover target around    give big co  all they want   total unintuption  no natives   chep mining    etc etc e  no worrys  and 10 million ounces plus ...and  when  our coffer are built up     the yukon propery we have   will be anothe jv with yous   but  we wount mine  that    that goes to the big boys   .........yamana  is going t o pay      if its  consolidated     4 dollars a share  mybee 5..          thats concervative  we know we have     when you count the .04   that WILL  be mined   about 1.4  indicated and mostly shalow      in the constricted zone  and   about the same  infered  that will easy be converted to indicated.....................         so realy were already have 3 mill......             so its well past comercial requirments        and we just got to dig no road building  over ancient barial sites      etc             they wwill convert about 300 thousant of the indicated in the old mine  and      the satilits and extentions are going to blow this think out of the water....    because of cheep costs  15 minute drive all weahter road to tour ou dock etc.....   average   fir us is the same as  real good else where.....  its all about cost of bringing it to market  cheepes       ifr yous get more than 30    id   start smilling  a lot  ...      ---------------------and timing    when the mine or sale happens gold got to be at least 1300 and staying there .....------------------------- remeber   ct  is a sleep at night stock  twice a week you hear  the big boys com-plaining of  native shut downs  gov black mail  in africa   and others         cost... we  are n another planet  the good one...........   so dont worry  i realy think   this was a great move  and look for  a formal jv  in the spring           i think bill just want ryan to realy  see whats we have   and   the ten percent  is  the bst way to do it  and remeber  ryan was  only to happy  to take what ever deal they could get....-------phone you ceo ask him his opinions on ct........    yous will have to pay more to know more and thats part of it....... so dont complain  yous have no riske............you guys will com out  next summer   with big smilles   and because they are ouners  will   vested intrest  see whats there not just a look......  and thats what we need........    and  thats why i say jv no doubt...   hey  if the pilot mine starts  tin 13  which im pritty sure ti will  yous will be in a cash flow situation   now  instead of maybe never of in 7 years  or 5...........   thers got  to be around200,000  and easyrecoverable  gold  and reasonale amount of copper  so  thats 240milion of gold     that after  labour etc  profit   even if only 50000  its 50 mill....         you se yous guy dont realy  know  we had ofer from all over   but  bill took ryan  not with planse of using oyus for a loan.... cna on  do oyu think your guy was that desperat to get in our door......     our managment is  honerable decent peopel and i here yous is to   and in a gome full of  crooks     theres  a gentelmans agreement   there   we cant see right now.....also  bill want yous  to realy see ys    and   he got that     and  ryan give us  and added demention  a positive one    like were not alone  any more       beter to have good parneres   every time             and ill take a 100 gs less  if i have to   just for    hwat ryan can bring to the table  and how it chnages  and strengthens ct....  were going to be a powerhouse...       were helping yous  a lot  and yous are helping us alot   and it totaly diferent ways  and that the knitting  it takes to make a no brainer winner........    like were going to stop incresing the recoverable product suddenly        and we  over the top already               in a way i hope we only find 2.5 or 3 and the big shots pass over    --- do the math     its  stagering    isitue pricing        f that-------      also   because we can buid a mine   with one hand behind our backs  it make  us in the best barganing position...   the offer  will start higher than usual. and i also garantte a bidding war  between 4 mines                           the can do that becaus e they only pay insitue   nothing !!!  so they got lots of room  and still make 20 billion......           --------realy guys  relax   and enjoy  the ride.....i remeber  managment  just could hardly contain there impatiance  with  some of the satilites one in particular...... and these are relaxed people    when an expert and one or or the best is that randy about drilling   and the ectentions  ar showing mostly surface  quatrs  all the 13 k....     and  quarts  has a funny happit of gold sticking to it ounce of recoverable gold and lots of copper...  in being conserv.........  at 200 gold  no say 17  thats 7