may bee i can help  you here   i know  ct very well and have had a lot of conversation with the ceo bill pearson    if  goten to know him  hes  for ct first of coarse  but    this is what....  and remeber the drill could be so so .. but  they will likly be good  just believe me  im not dding for everyone    0--------------------   what bill will lilly do is use his avatageous position  to    get  justa beter  desl from tyan ona long term jv as   thats what i think   bill and ryan wants.......   yous guy here  runing it down so quikly   i had a good laugh                        if you realy do youdd and compare the companys  in every way   mangment to the same large investors  and out yukon propery  that     has a lot of propmiss  and    imagin you out at the drll site       yous guys ar so far away  fromanythink    it was  wht  ryuan jumped on the chance to getr the foot in the door at ct........   we  will absaluty have a mine  in about  two yeaes  maybee abit more     and with supper low costs of mining  we could  get the raging grannie to walk the gold to the dock.    we  have one ofthe best infrastructures in the world   apeciasl in the junior id say we have the best..........  so    it makes it so you dont need to prove up as much gold as in    the depth of  africa------  just seen another kinross mine   having problemsd  there .... you see them all the time    and ct  is inheaven  and we got lots of product aleady and we will and bill agreed mine the just below  cut of  we got \!!!!!!   about 700000 more ounce   there incdicated  !!!   copper all over   so ur numbers  are   more than coservative                so iwouldnt wrrry about ct payingyou of and good buy  im sure b yous will just have to pay moe  on a jv              you know  your ceo isnt an idiot  why do you thik he jumed at this  ......   dddaaaa  its a match made inheaven  yous get aninterestr in a working mine in a two years      and hey           2million was cheep    but it was a get to know you special     when you want to make the next deal and it will be ryan aprochinc t    yous will get a fair price  but 2000000  was to chyeepeay  for where we are...    so   dont worry well al mokeout good....    it will alow yous to drill without   dilutuon  etc unless it gets bough out then were all suddenly   weathy  enough not to bad mouth the  hand what will be feeding yous..    so      see if imnot  right   .. i   have a real good feelng about this one     and    i use facts mainly             so   relax and wait tillt eh jv anouncment     and sit back and wait  for the money to fly in   if anybody dosent agre with this            iherd theres a clow school opening  next week or you might try a rear but nut house.   realy   yous gyts thing  yousospecial  ohh 27 c stock low  float  but where are you !!!