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Red Pine Exploration Inc V.RPX

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals
Alternate Symbol(s):  RDEXF

Red Pine Exploration, Inc. is an exploration stage company. The Company is engaged in the acquisition and exploration of gold properties in Northern Ontario, Canada that are either in or near the gold district of Timmins.
Price: $0.02 | Change: $0.00 | %Change: 0.00%
Volume: 4.2m | Day High/Low: 0.025/0.015 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.12/0.005

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Anonymous has sold 2.2 mill so fa today alone!!

Who knows when they will be finished. I am out of a promissing stock. Everywhere I go I see anonymous crushing rallies. The small retail guy doesn't have a chance.  rate and reply
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RE:I am happy to be buying more at 1.5

jjjj1: You are ignored b y 355 people??? WOW! Could it be because you go to bullboards as this one and advertise other companies.  Make it 356  rate and reply
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I am happy to be buying more at 1.5

with drill results and trenching results any day...don`t get shaked out....also give VIO  or AXQ a look or DNV ...all 3 have casg big time ...gold might rally all summer from here I think  rate and reply
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2 cent Bids getting smaller

Not sure if it will hold. GL  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:Tug of war once again

juststocks500 wrote: Yep, looks like it doesn't it. Anon seems to be keeping it around #7 on the venture volume-wise, just under the headliners. I'll get back to this on Monday as well. I just did a...read more
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RE:RE:Tug of war once again

Yep, looks like it doesn't it. Anon seems to be keeping it around #7 on the venture volume-wise, just under the headliners. I'll get back to this on Monday as well.  rate and reply
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RE:Tug of war once again

I don't expect much today. Perhaps tomorrow, but more likely Monday. GLTA  rate and reply
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Tug of war once again

From Monday's battle between .015 and .02, it took 2 days to firmly resolve .02. We're at it again, it the trend continues, we'll be firmly at .025 by Friday's close. Anon is the only player here...read more
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Bids continue to mount

It's all good.  rate and reply
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Bids are Relentless in Spite of 1 Seller

when he is Gone......RPX is Going to Ride a Real Big Monetum Wave with this Volume. PS> Check out LMR...Just  Raised $5.5 Million cash @ $0.13. Trades $0.06...Graphite Stocks lighting UP...NGC up 28%...read more
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Not out of the woods yet. Anon still dumping.  rate and reply
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Of course...

When you're done Mr.Anon, we'll be happy to move up. Please hurry.  rate and reply
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Right on! Maybe we'll see the last of the .02's today as we see the bid to ask ratio starting to overtake the ask price.  rate and reply
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Looking at the Bids this AM.....news is soon on its Way  rate and reply
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8.1 Million Shares today.

:RPX - RED PINE EXPLORATION INC. - http://www.redpineexp.com 17:16:34 EDT Sym-X Bid - Ask Last Chg %Ch Vol $Vol #Tr ...read more
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Definately a faster churn

Price history indicates it took a solid 3 weeks of seeing .015 before these were completely taken out. During that time, you could see almost 3:1 ratio of asks to bids. By the time the bids took over,...read more
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Well, I got the volume right, but not the final price for the day. Anon has been very active indeed. Hopefully, we see the 2.5 cents shares get chewed up in short order tomorrow and just maybe see 3...read more
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I hope that you realize that there are about five exchanges in Canada. Hence, in total the 6.72 million shares that have traded at this point are actually 7.3 million on all exchanges. The seller is...read more
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RE:RE:What is this Churn ? We need a RUN

Someone just took a chunk at 2.5 cents. Just a matter of time before this moves to the next level.  rate and reply
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RE:What is this Churn ? We need a RUN

The good news is the .02's are being churned at a faster rate than the .015's were if you look at historical volumes over the past 6 weeks. I wouldn't be surprised that we'd be comfortably at .025 by...read more