If the special master is no longer involved in the case, Judge Montero will be the one to hear the pending pretrial issues, including Rye Patch's petition for a restraining order to have Coeur halt all of its activity on LH claims, BEFORE SEPTEMBER!??. It seems likely to me that the title question would come up then, carry enough powder that the restraining order is granted.  Now the pressure is on to settle.

Sometime the NSC's recent decision about disputes over title and missed claim fees will come up before Montero..  IMO when it does, the LH Claims will be judged

"first in time, first in right"

and senior to Coeur's "N" claims. 

Hmmm... Is it a bad thing for an attorney to be lectured about the law, from the bench, by a justice during oral arguments?  Were these comments from the NSC bench meant for ears in Lovelock??  Any guess on how long it will take for the NSC to issue a decision?

Not Investment Advice DYODD