Did  I hear a lecture on the responsibility of rural courts in Nevada to HEAR complicated cases routinely? 

Does the amount of documents generated make a case complicated or just BIG? 

Does the rule for appointing a special master require it to be applied generally in Nevada or narrowly, only in extraordinary circumstances?

Does the fact that CRI has vast resources to pay $500/hr for the special master make it equitable for RPM, with the limited resources of a junior mining company, to have to bear the same costs?

IMO RPM Attorney sounded confident and prepared where the CRI side seemed to stumble and reached real hard to sound like CRI had a credible and convincing argument to uphold Montero's Order.

My impression of the Justice's questions about Judge Montero's Order appointing the special master was; "Where's the Beef?"

Just my questions, observations, Not Legal or investment advice.