Forgive me if I have kept you waiting.

You know Pipe, whether you requested a map from me at some point is irrelevant, even if you were polite.  Bitter bluster is unproductive, no contest against the value gained from direct communication and curiosity that generates research rather than expectations on others.

anyone can do this...

Go to Google Earth, there you can explore the ground yourself, on REAL images taken in September 2010 and later. I've gotten pretty good using their flight simulator, looking again and again for clues from the "ground truth" in these images, can you do the same?  Drill pads are easy to see in Google Earth images, even reclaimed ones.  One can even toggle images backwards in time, to see how the ground has changed.

Go to the websites of Carlin Gold and Nulegacy Gold and read their maps, read their NR.  Go to Barrick Gold’s website to get the latest released info on Goldrush and project it across Rye Patch claims and the others as best you can.  With the knowledge and a regional view, built by your own DD, figure out what drilling is going on around Cortez, NV. 

I have made videos of Rye Patch geologists, NuLegacy Gold geologists, Gold Standard Ventures' geologists all posted on my page;   I let them tell their story...  I am just a crude vehicle, not the message.  Now you want custom detailed maps?  Do What You Will, If you want to politely pay my daily rate, I'll draw maps for you from these images.  NOT ADVICE of any kind.  DYODD and DWYW

Treasure of the Sierra Madre - "badges?..."