"All your cheerleading, and that of Richer Now and fast ff, have done exactly what for the share price?"...

Pipe I didn't realize I was responsible for moving the share price.  What an absurd and ignorant observation about me, do you overstate our importance here?

I have had the great fortune to be on the ground and involved with the actual process of looking for gold with Bill.  What you may interpret as "cheerleading" may be just my excitement and natural passion and enthusiasm for "the hunt".  Outside of the dust and long hours in the truck and the recently remembered experience of the normal routine, the hotel-cafe life of an explorationist… when I was walking the hills I was living my dream.  Because I post and write about my investments I got to live "the hunt" up close once again.

Do I like RPM as a personal investment?  The proof is in the pudding, I have made money with this stock because I bought early and sell when there is ~2x profit to be made… then buy on dips, sell at peaks.  This approach has worked for me.  I sold a big chunk at $0.68 and bought many at $0.35… did you have the same opportunity?   I am not cheerleading, I am happy to be sure because I have made money and expect to make more with the current stake I have in the company @ $0.40.

Right now it is winter, have no doubt that ALL RPM folks are very BUSY working with one purpose in mind; to plan for 2013 field season, to find gold and enhance shareholder value in their projects by quantifying what they have found.  By the way, now that February is here, September does not seem so far away to me.

On a personal note; The man who opened the treasure chest that is now Nevada past away recently at 94.  I knew John Livermore, he was very kind and generous to me.  Bill sent me a text from the GSN Christmas party last December saying that the agenda topic was a review of Carlin Gold history and John was there.  I asked Bill to pass along a “hello” from me if he got the opportunity.  Bill replied he would as they were sitting at the same table.  Thanks Bill for passing my greeting and warm regards to John, it meant something then and even more now.  Thank you John for your kindness and for doing some geology with me.

Not Investment Advice  DYODD