griz--I'm not a lawyer either.  But everyone that follows the junior mining sector knows about this by now.  If it such a lead pipe certainty that we win and win big, why is it that junior mining fund buyers are not buying up this stock big time?


My guess is that there is always a certain amount of uncertainty, and that, with the sector being so out of favor, no one, other than Denver Midas, wants to put more money into this sector.  Who knows, maybe everybody is waiting for a panic low, like in 2008.


My guess is that the law is on our side, but time is not.  There is probably a fear that Couer will wear us down by attrition.  That is why I'd be willing to have one bird in the hand, rather than wait 5 years to have two in the bush.  If Couer won't deal at all, that is another matter, and we'll just have to grind this one out.