With permission of both companies I have walked NuLegacy ground and shared with them what I found. I was a NuLegacy shareholder long before working at GGP and Patty  for Rye Patch.  I also am a longtime shareholder of Carlin Gold, another  Cortez play.  Went to the GSN meeting in Battle Mountain last week and heard Barrick gold geologists make an updated presentation about Goldrush geology.  They have stopped calling it "Red Hill/ Goldrush".  Now the deposit is called just "Goldrush" since they are convinced the drilled intercepts are all in 1 deposit, open towards Carlin's Cortez Summitt property, Garden Gate Pass, and Nulegacy Red Hill ground.  At night the mountain side is lit up like a holiday tree.

NuLegacy ground is contiguous just to the north and east of the Patty JV and in Coal Canyon on the west.

This is the most exciting place on the planet to be drilling for gold IMHO, who knows who will find the next Cortez Elephant?

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