RPL has rallied nicely off its Nov/Dec lows.  It seems to be running into some psychological resistance here at the $2.50 level as we are above both the 20 and 50 dma's.  If it can break this level, look for a sudden move to the 200dma in the $2.70's.

In terms of Catalysts, I wouldn't be expecting any operational updates from management in the short term; however, a steady dividend and strength in oil prices should be enough to move us up to the 200dma.  With RPL receiving approximately $90.00 per barrel, they are receiving $5.00 more per barrel than accounted for in their most recent operational update.  Every dollar increase in WTI makes a difference.

3,542 barrels unhedged for 2013 x $5.00 x 365 days = $6.5 million in cash flow more than accounted for.

As market rallies mature, reasonably cheap stocks become scarce.  The junior energy sector continues to contain many good deals.  As evaluations in larger companies on the TSX become stretched, look for money to come into the junior energy names, RPL included.

Enjoy your dividends and best of luck.