acres to be forgotten, and lost in the history of oil discoveries. I put forward the proposition that the existing institutional players will at least double down their current exposure, which will lead to a prospectus filing real soon. Total funds raised to be in the order of $100Million, with this type of funding ROZ can run alone. Furthermore, it could be that ROZ is arranging for an oil lease that will practically join part of their acreage with the area that is currently in focus. BACK to reality what has bothered me all along is that management seems to be so detached from a practical solution in this matter. ROZ because of recent discoveries in neighboring properties, is today worth more than it was initially. This is a fact, and it has to be rolled out in such a way as to attract the proper players. I think that it may be possible to have the current institutional investors to double down their investment if it can be sold as a brand new project. To the victor goes the spoils, we as shareholders will be rewarded for our patience, after all this area will become the new Arabia for oil, in the years to come.