When you have property besides of what it could be the biggest oil discovery ,  you have all the options of the world

Hold tight to your shares because the wolfs are out there,  and they are going to try to scare you to death

Hey Bullbar I like your valuations but lets try to make it not so sweet, and lets make it very extreme here we go:

Let's say ROZ has not 3.5 billions of barrels but only  1 billion and lets say they do a financing of 400 millions units at .10  leaving  ROZ with $40 million cash and   500 millions of shares outstanding and only $ 10.00 dollars profit per barrel after all expenses are paid:

1,000,000,000 barrels of oil 

x $ 10.00 profit per barrel = $ 10 billions

$ 10 billions / 500 millions o/sh = $ 20.00 a share  and that is the worst scenario

it could be 10 billions barrels and profit per barrel after expenses of $ 40.00 dollars and  with a financing of 100 millions units at $ 10.00 dollars leaving ROZ with $ 1 billion cash and only 200 millions shares outstanding  and a value of  $ 2,000 dollars a share  THIS is going to be wild

Just think of the possibilities and  are endless