I suppose my dissapointment is that the stock was around $1 when the original drilling came in, it fell off a cliff with all the litigation and that is understandable to me, I bought at an average of .08 so probably should not complain.  I understand there has been dillution to pay salaries and operate but still thought that when everything was settled it would bounce back to the .50 to .75 range while we wait for the mine.  Does that make sense with the price of minerals today.  I guessed the drilling now was just to confirm value, and I am glad they are going to drill in other areas to see how far the minerals go.  I still have faith but it's been a long wait and being a vegan that practices yoga every day will probably live longer than some, Even I wont live forever, and would like to spend some of this money before my grandchildren get it (haha)