THINK Haliguy THINK!!!!.   My rant the other day was nothing more that a fishing expedition to solidify who the spiteful one was. You took the bait. 

News flash ---people have looked deeper and are very aware that you have come on here and attacked not one but two new members on their first day posting. Sure you did a quasi apology after making yourself look like an a**.

Your memory fails you, both JJWIlson and Warant have also brought up the fact that the rating is irrational. Get your fact straight. They have also been puzzled by the downgrading of their posts. Not that none of us  ultimately care---it's just the irrationality behind it and of course the spite.

Now that we all know that you mess with the that you have been caught hook line and sinker. DROP IT.  Start keeping the topic on Canstar and the MM property. AND STOP harrassing new members.