Well Jordon-- with out knowing the exact time line for drilling it is hard to tell. But mmprospector said the rig was dropped off on Nov 15, Thursday. If they got the rig to the site on Friday and started drilling on Friday it should be easy to drill 1 hole a day. Canstar said that they are going to drill 8 holes for a total of  2000 meters. So 8 holes 8 days, then take into consideration the distance between each hole, and the topography on the property you can add another 2 to 6 days. Chances are because it is only 8 holes they will wait tell all holes are drilled before they send any core sample to get assayed; this usually takes about 2 weeks depending on demand on the lab. But it can be speeded up if Harry wanted to pay for faster service and move to the head of the line. So lets say every thing goes smooth, on the drilling, assaying, aprox 20 day, so early December. Now comes the kick in the teeth, if Xstrata is in (they are) then if they stay true to their very very slow process of acting on this JV with Canstar, then I won't expect any results to be released until some time in January, and I say around the mid January. With the holidays coming up and all the doors the paper work has to travel from Canada to Xstrata offices, who really knows.$#$*&^%&

Now we might get a better picture of the area they have to drill if mmprospector would like to say a few words about the type of drill they are using, if it is self propelled rig or has to be dragged around property and the topography in the area ponds, boggy area, cliffs, ect ect ect.. mmprospector being a prospector and all this should only be walk through the woods, lol lol ;)