Been away on vocation for the pass two weeks.  Happy to see Route1 at 0.065cents.  Found out about what Robert had to say about Route1 on BNN the last show he was on.   

Questions from a shareholder point of view.  (1 ) Is the AGM still set for Nov-26, and if it is, how come there is nothing up on sedar as yet with a month left before the due date.  (2)  Is there a reason for the late posting on sedar but for a good reason. (3) Could we have some good news this week in the capital at the security show there. (4)  What I found something very interesting while checking out Route1 website early this morning.  Is this a coincidence with these two (2) news releases on the same day by two different companies.  Check them out below.

October-15-2013 Route1 introduces Mobi-Key fusion A2T for an advance tool for ID-1 Smart Cards users( CAC, PIV and FRAC)

Route1 partner Token Manufacture ( GIESECKE & DEVRIENT ) put out a news release the same day check their website.  October-15-2013 Delivers Common Access Cards to U.S. Department of Defense's DMDC.= DoD contract.

Could that has something to do with Route1?  All answers will be helpful.  Read both news releases very carefully and tell us what you think.  Hmmmmm sounds very good to me.  I love it.