now aren't those a couple of outstanding phrases.  Now lets have a closer look. The stock peaked in October 0f 2010 at 28 cents. The stock bottomed at 3 cents in October of 2012, 2 years later. A lot of happy campers in Oct of 2012 and a major shake out as long term holders bailed, took their profits an ended the camping season.Now here we are 32 months later an the stock is still hitting the 52 week low of 3 cents.

  The share price has no given any indication of moving up and I still wait for that SHAKE OUT DOWN TO A PENNY OR HALF CENT. How soon that is no one knows, but I am sure there are not a lot of happy campers out there unless you have been buying at .03 to .035 cents like some insiders. For the most part this management has been running ROI for over 3 years an we still sit at the LOW of 3 cents

  Obviously camping season has not returned an the shake out hasn't happened yet, but many still want to have faith in failure praying for something positive. Everyone has their own opinion, but I don't think the stock trading week after week at the 52 week low is what I would call success right now. The company is still losing money. This is not what I would call success right now.

  Bottom line the stock is down 89.5 % from the peak an there are supposed to be a lot of happy campers out there along with a shake out coming soon. A shake out usually takes the price lower an that is where those Penny buyers will move in and become those Happy Campers.

   Did anyone call Tony or any other management yet to find out why the stock is still trading at 3 cents if the company is doing so well?