like the word POTENTIAL, which the company has now and in the past but can't seem to capitalize on it. The little word IF an that is if the stock was going up instead of down, we would not have to continue to post everyones dreams. As for it being 28 cents an should go there again and possibly higher, it was also a penny before so should go there if not lower.

  We all have our buy and sell targets. Some get it right and others get it wrong. I am just glad I didn't buy in the 20's or teens or 10 or lower yet as it is just dead money at the present time. A good buy at a Penny and unless they fold the company it should not go much lower.

  I still fear that big news the company may come out with soon in the best interest of the investors and company which will really hurt present stock holders.

  Anyhow is this the day to buy INTREPD ? Did anyone call Tony an find out why the stock is trading at 3 cents?

  No one beating down the buy orders so far to-day.