that ROI is done going down and they are going to turn the company around. Just more cheap talk as the stock sits at .03 cents. Tony has answers for all these problems, but can't solve the share price problem.

  Thats what we continue to hear is these blurps from ROI, but do we see any results like subs going up, company turning a profit, major contracts signed etc.

  All we see is the stock falling to the 52 week low and the 52 week high falling further. Don't post this garbage as it does nothing to attract investors who make it a point of staying away from this company. BUCK since your so impressed with Tonys blurp in the article, make it a point to call him on Tuesday an find out why the stock is 3 cents.  Then post his blurp on that.

  The share price is in DISASTER MODE an that is what Tony should be concerned about.