the stock is still in Junk territory and I haven't lost a penny since selling out in the high 20's. The only losers are those that believed this stock was going to turn up an bought above .035 cents. How many times do you have to be fooled by this company before you catch on.

  Call Tony an ask why the stock is trading at .03 cents. Do yourself a favour an find out the true reason an stop doubting what I am telling you. The chart indicates a downtrend and until that changes its still going down. As it traded at THREE CENTS TO-DAY who do you think is right-myself or the management that had a loss for the company last quarter?  I could care lesshow much you own at what price, only that I am waiting for the real bottom. Check out the past history and a PENNY is in the works.

  Why won't any of you's call Tony as I don't need to talk with him again, but you's do to get the facts for yourself. Maybe Tues we trade at a PENNY, but Intrepd should tell us what day to buy as it wasn't Monday once again.

  Still waiting for Buck and Intrepd to post there thought of the day.