what does this tell you other than another losing week appears to be on the horizon. Also the volume was very low, so still no interest other than many appear to be waiting for those one cent trades also known as a PENNY.

  Another negative is the sizing has fallen off big time ,so soon there may not be enough there to even hold a PENNY, so may fall to a half cent. But who knows as only time will tell an this company has used up a lot of time and quarters as the stock continues to trade at the 52 week low.

  Anyone call Tony or any other management to find out why the stock is still trading at the 52 week low??

  Don't forget about that new 52 week high that is coming very soon, which of course will be a lower high. You know the old saying-LOWER HIGHS AND LOWER LOWS. Thats what the chart is showing investors.

  Well will wait for Buck, Intrepd and Joe to come out with their positives-but never anything as to why we sit at .03-.035 cents.