that's a great price when your averaging down, but a PENNY will be a much better price when you don't have to average down. Insiders buying a half cent above the 52 week low shows a lot of confidence in the company. So is .035 the new bottom an not 3 cents? Not likely ,it is just a minor support for now.

  Buck, are we going to get those 100,000 subs you keep posting with a 3 dollar stock when the 1st Q comes out or my PENNY as results will be dissapointing with the law suit money not on the books any longer? Come on Buck stick your neck out for once instead of just posting what happened the day before. If all is so grand why are we at 3 to 4 cents?

  Read the chart and you will see it is still going down.  Good thing for Sat and Sunday's as the stock can't fall any further for at least 2 days.