well, well another failing week as the stock closes out the week like it started. It closes out the week like it has traded for the month of May an how April ended. Does anyone not see the pattern of failure that continues week after week?.Of course it could always improve ,but it doesn't an the chart indicates it is not about to anytime soon.But keep the faith in this management as you sit with empty wallets hoping the stock will take off. Of course it never does an keeps going back to the 52 week low of 3 cents. Now isn't that impressive.


  In a few days the stock will be making a new 52 week high for once. Of course the new 52 week high will be 6 cents replacing the old 52 week high of 7 cents. Another impressive failure of this stock . As I said before, in short time the 52 week low could very well be the 52 week high an the new 52 week low will most likely be a PENNY. Yes a PENNY-you got it.

  Of course this could change will one impressive news release that never seems to come or if the insiders or none insiders decided to finally pay a decent price for shares rather than buying a half cent above the 52 week low. Of course that's their right to get shares from investors who tire of holding onto losers, as it is my right to hold off for that PENNY buy in. BUCK - what quarter do we get the 100,000 subs

  Did anyone call Tony to find out why the stock is performing so well at .035 cents?

  Good thing for Sat and Sunday as the stock can't fall any further in price for two days at least.