don't worry as SFORD 121  indicates very good Q2 coming at the end of June. Of course he didn't say what year. Haven't we heard all this before as each Q ended in 2012 an now looking forward to Q2 in 2013.

  As the stock continues to trade at the 52 week low so many of you's keep giving this management more time, which puts more money in their pockets from their pay as your wallet is empty. Wake up an start calling this management an tell them enough is enough and you don't want the stock at a PENNY-like they can stop it.

  IMO a new 52 week low next week or maybe just an outside chance we hit 4 cents once again. Now wouldn't that be a miracle to see 4 cents once again. Your not going to like whats coming down the pipe in the best interest of the investors of course, but it will arrive .

   Soon the 52 week high will probably be to-day's 52 week low an won't that be just grand.

  Can't wait for all those huge results from first Q, like BUCKS 100,000 subs and a $3.00 stock price. I would have really missed the boat then, but will stick with subs not improving , a PENNY SHAREPRICE, an SFORD121 indicating wait till Q 2 in June. The companies running out of Q's .

  Can't wait till Monday an maybe my buyin at a PENNY. ANYONE TALK TO TONY TO FIND OUT WHY THE STOCK IS PERFORMING SO WELL?