as the stock trades .03 to .035 cents just waiting to take out the 3 cent bids so they can take it to a penny. Thats right a PENNY imo as history will repeat itself.

  Trytomakeabuck-is Tony still getting the word out as with all these 3 cent trades to-day it would surely seem so an that is positive for me.  Are you still camped outside ROI HQ waiting for a crumb of info to come your way. Just read the chart and it will tell you its still going down. But don't take my word for it, just look at to-day's trading.

  I am still betting on a new 52 week low this week or next ,then everyone can apologize for believing in this stock at much higher prices.

  I heard at 25, 20 ,15, 10, 5 an .035 how it is getting stronger. I would guess at a PENNY it will be about as strong as it can get.

  Someone should call Tony an find out if there is a problem or all is fantastic and its not managements fault the stock is sitting at the 52 week low. A reality check is what some need.