Heard some good things about Route1.   Check out their website news releases.  If you take into account 15.913 susbs from Dec-31 yearend, then you minus the 460,000 dollars lost revenue over this new year from Nov-20 news release from cuts with a European government at 259.00 X 1,800 = 466.200 rougly.

Let us no add the new order of 4,000 subs from april-1 Q2.  So 15,913 - 1,800 = 14,113 + 4,000 = 18,113 total.  Of course we have to wait until Q1 results comes out for the right numbers, but this could be a pretty good guess going into this Q2 season.  If we get any new orders before June-30 Q2 will be very good indeed.

Mr Busseri is right things are starting to look real good with (ROI) return on investment.