Flubber if you are so worried about us going down to a penny why are you not selling at 0.035 cents.  Do you really think your post are scaring shareholders out of they shares, so you can buy at a lower price.  No not a chance that will happen.   For some better entertainment about Route1 than what you regular post here have a look of the story about ( The Hare & Tortoise ).


I am sure you feel next week is the last week you have to bash Route1.  After the Q1 results comes out Route1 I'm sure will be in a much better position for its shareholders to get a feeling of comfort with this company and their money they invested in it.  I do not think like you that we would be losing another 2,000 subs.  If the subs stays the same I do expet to see an increase in the volume and price of Route1.


Flubber, have yourself a great weekend, and when Route1 takes off please do not change your name and turn 180 and start pumping this company.  Admit to all your purpose here was only intended to scare investors off in order to get even a better price than what it is today.  Amen.