from VERY SOON, to ANYTIME NOW, an now 3 yr's WILL BE LOOKING BACK. Well that will give us 6 yr's under Tony so that should be enough time and the 7 yr's or so under Mr White. Now we have 13 yr's of history.

  How about the saying WHAT ABOUT TO-DAY- as the stock bids .035 cents an barely trades at 4 cents. Don't forget those millions of shares that almost insiders sold recently. I guess the saying would be -GET OUT AT 4 AN BUYBACK IN AT PENNY.

  Always one more thing in order to get this stock moving, but one more thing never does it.Wait till the 4's tire an dump at .035 an soon the 52 week low will be the 52 week high.

  Oh well one more day of trading then we have the first week of April gone and the start to another disastourus month, which I suspected all along.

  The bad never ends and the joy of victory never arrives.