On one hand that is maybe why the volume has picked up the last 6 weeks as their is going to be a deal between ROI and BB.

  On the other hand , maybe that is why so many insiders sold off their shares, knowing no deal with ROI and BB.

  Hopefully Tony is on top of this and it is great news for ROI shareholders right after it hits that PENNY. If there is supposed to be a deal the stock and vol should start to creep up as someone allways knows something even though the news hadn't come out to the general public or common investors. I surely hope for investors the news is good, but looking at their past track record I wouldn't buy that vacation condo just yet.

  Great question to ask Tony or someone on the management team, but it won't be me asking as I have lost faith in anything they have had to say in the past. I will let the shareprice and volume do the talking as it will give you the answer well in advance of any news release.