for Android I Phone and Apples inc.s ios operating system. This technology to make secure work and personal data available. Will ROUTE1 be part of this or will this be another failed oppurtunity? Could this be why they are going to sell their product on the Apple app site.

  This would be a major plus for ROI an would set this stock on fire, but looking at the past track record of ROI I feel it will be another missed opportunity for one reason or another.

  Of course we can HOPE BB picks ROI and ROI has the product they need right now, not promising it down the road as that will be another disaster.

  Did anyone get any rumours about BB and ROI teaming up, as the price of ROI on Friday gives no indication of any deal coming.

  Lets get the rumour wheels turning. You know the old saying FEAST OR FAMINE-BUT IT SEEMS TO BE FAMINE AND MORE FAMINE FOR ROI. Tony take the lead an get this contract.