Not a good idea to post about lawsuit while in the same message you're posting about lawsuits?

Yes everyone knows these things can go back and forth with appeals and such. Even a simple negotiation can wipe it clean. But the point is it now requires action on the defendant's part and that takes a great deal of time and  money. I would suggest that the only way an objective judge would make such a judgment even by default is because of undefendable evidence of defamation. The judge even ruled that the defendant was considered to have been served through evidence. Why not ask Route1 to remove the announcement from their postings if you feel so strongly about it?  It seems to me that these are self inflicted wounds from somebody who should have known better and ceased that behavior a long time ago. I was surprised to see that announcement though. I didn't' even know it had been going on since August.  But every company has a PR wing or department and obviously saw those constant posts and determined that is had enough potential damage for force them to have to spend money and deal with it. I"m really just echoing what most people know except for a few on here.


I know if you're an investor, you want this stock to do well. So defending and yet posting other lawsuits is counter intuitive to that end.


GLTA investors!