Was this a judgment by default?  Is this judgment being appealed?


It might be a good idea to cease posting about lawsuits.  There were 11 or 12 lawsuits back and forth with EMS (now EnGlobe), excluding the lawsuits by the companies acquired by EG, I believe.


What happened to that company?  It ended up in a situation where it was in danger of having to declare CCAA.  Couldn't get traditional funding.  Enter ONCAP 11 and Gerry Schwartz.  Tony Busseri (by mutual consent), stepped down as CEO and resigned as a Director.  ONCAP ended up owing the company and taking it private.  As regards the last lawsuit against EMS/Tony Busseri/Robert Sansone (for somewhere around $20 Million);  after a lengthy trial late 2011 - plaintiff's case was dismissed (as per Judge's decision in March, 2012).  


In my opinion, lawsuits leave a stigma on companies (unless your are huge like SNC Lavalin, or Boeing, and can recover).   In my opinion, EMS/EG couldn't recover after all the damage wrought  by the lawsuits (at least, not during it's tenure as a Publicly Listed Co.).  


Moral of the story - Be careful what you wish for and celebrate.