Route1 awarded $200,000 in defamation case

2013-02-11 09:38 AT - News Release


Mr. Tony Busseri reports


Route1 Inc. has recently received a final judgment from the Ontario Superior Court in court file No. CV 12-460481, filed against Bruce Prince on Aug. 3, 2012. Justice Stinson awarded $200,000 in general damages for defamation and granted a permanent injunction restraining Mr. Prince from publishing defamatory statements about Route1's chief executive officer Tony Busseri on the Internet. Mr. Prince had posted a series of defamatory statements about Mr. Busseri on Stockhouse anonymously under the moniker "simonquinn." Route1 was able to verify the identity of Mr. Prince and obtained an interim injunction to restrain him from making further defamatory postings. Route1 was awarded costs of $5,300 on the motion for an interim injunction and costs of $3,500 on the motion to obtain judgment. Route1 is taking steps to enforce the monetary component of judgment and the prior costs award.