The Vancouver Stock Exchange (VSE) was a stock exchange based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was incorporated 1906[1] and was the third major stock exchange in Canada, after the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and Montreal Stock Exchange (MSE), and featured many small-cap and exploration stocks.

In 1991, it listed some 2,300 stocks. Some local figures[citation needed] stated that the majority of these stocks were either total failures or frauds. A 1994 report by James Matkin (Vancouver Stock Exchange & Securities Regulation Commission) made reference to "shams, swindles and market manipulations" within the VSE.[2] Regardless of the low opinion several held it in, it had roughly four billion dollars in annual trading in 1991.[3]

On November 29, 1999 the VSE was merged into the Canadian Venture Exchange (CDNX), along with the Alberta Stock Exchange (ASE) and the minor-cap stocks from the Bourse de Montréal (MSE). The trading floor of the old VSE remained as the trading floor of the new CDNX