and a fair amount of risk has come out of this play....the long sales cycle's should start to bear fruit soon!!!!


                                         THIS ONE TOOK 14 MONTHS!!!!!


Route1 wins additional MobiKEY order from U.S. DoD

2012-11-20 13:03 AT - News Release


Mr. Brian Brunetti reports


Route1 Inc. has received a second purchase order from a component of the United States Department of Defense that the company first referenced in a press release dated Nov. 13, 2012.

This purchase order is for an additional 2,000 MobiKEY fusion devices and 4,000 MobiKEY subscriptions covering the service period April 1, 2013, to March 31, 2014. The company expects to ship the additional 2,000 MobiKEY fusion devices during the fourth quarter of 2012.

This award follows on the Nov. 13, 2012, announced purchase order covering the service period Dec. 1, 2012, to March 31, 2013. The gross value of today's announced purchase order is approximately $2-million (U.S.).

As of April 1, 2013, the client's users will be provisioned on their own identity and access management platform, a Defimnet. The Defimnet will be hosted at a secure client hosting facility.

"Today's announcement is encouraging for many reasons. Not only do we have a highly respected military organization using our technology because of its strong data security architecture, but the decision is also being driven by the real cost savings the client will benefit from as many of the users turn in their enterprise-issued laptop. Users will now only need to use their [common access card], MobiKEY fusion device and any Internet-connected personal or other computer to have a secure, remote access session," said Brian Brunetti, president, Route1. "The client expects to realize annual cost savings in the order of magnitude of twice the annual cost of using the MobiKEY technology."