WHY is it that only a couple investors are negative about ROI an they control the shareprice to the point it is bidding .035 cents. Yet there are hundred's of thousand's of positive investors who want to pay 10, 20 ,30 or even a higher shareprice yet we sit at 4 cents. Of course this 4 cents will fall Friday an possibly the .035 cents.

  As I have been saying a penny is coming sooner than later and well before we ever see a nickel again.

  So I ask you BUCK, what is the problem? Maybe you can call Tony or some other board member since you are so positive on their running this company and find out what is really wrong.  Let the other posters know what you find out, as we all would like to share in positive information that is taking this stock down to a penny and maybe as soon as tomorrow.

  I'm still waiting for some board members to walk away from this company to spend more time with the family or pursue other ventures. I hope they announce what the other ventures would be as I surely would not want to invest in any of them.

  I wonder if anymore insiders sold to-day?????????????

  All those cyber attacks and ROI is heading back to the 52 week low. Anyone see a problem???????????