This whole area of cyber security has finally gotten to the frint pages as the President last night really brought the subject front and centre.  This should help ROI market penetration in the US with all government departments considering that Homeland security is mandated to oversee this mandate and Homeland is an excellent client of ROI services.  For sure ROI will get it's share of spending in areas it can assist and an extra bonus is the government can even save money if they approach the use of Mobikey correctly.  It may finally be our time in 2013.

As far as Prince Brucey is concerned, he gets what he deserves and earned and I hope they track him down, take what little money he has.  Even better would be him violating the judgement terms and get a contempt conviction and see some jail time, in my view he has already done that and don't think that ROI management and Tony haven't already filed this info with the courts.  He was warned many times they were coming for him, by myself a few times alone.

You have to be dumber than a brick to do what he has done plus continue to post on the same ROI thread such as this one, this is even dumber.  Dumb, dumber and dumbest, who does this describe.