Sorry Simonguinn, but Tony has the right to defend his name just like anyone else here on this board.  Like most of us shareholders here of course would love to see our stock price higher and most of us i'm sure are losing as the stock sits at 0.04cents.  But the constant attack day after day was not right.  For anyone to bring past employment or consultant companies owned or pass litigation on any chat room is not a place for that.  Now I did not say you did, but do see on other chat rooms posters doing that.

I do not know if Simonguinn got a warning before this went to court but I hope he did. Tony does not strike me as a very mean spirited person.  Oh how i'm longing for Tony to get a nice fat contract and put the stress for everyone at rest including management as I'm sure they too are all feeling the shareholders heat.

Tony i'm sure will still lead us to where we aspire Route1 to be one day a great company that we all can be proud to be apart off.  May happy times be here again on Route1 chat room.