Kooolned  - what is with your vitriol and aggressive behavior. I have simply stated my POV and judging by the share price i am in the majority.  In response to your post please see the below: note the civil discourse and maturity of the arguememt - something this board could do with a little more of. 

So basically you're telling everyone you own shares in a company you don't believe in, in my books that makes you a hugely stupid individual.

Perhaps you have misunderstood my early postings - I believe in the company, however given the continued 3 + yr decline in share price I do not believe in the current management anymore. It is my belief that with new management ROI could meet and exceed sp expectations. This belief is not only held by me but other institution investors who have asked to remain nameless. 


Have you ever conveyed your trepidation to Tony or any of the management or BOD members of Route1?

After 3yrs of failing to provide the promised subs/revenue/exit strategy I think it is time for some fresh legs in the mgt. 


Or do you just bellyache on a bullboard?

I am not bellyaching - I'm simply communicating what I see as a failure of ROI's management to go out win new customers/create revenue for the company. A failure that is again reflected in the share price.  If the street truly believed in the current management the sp would reflect the guidance given on upcoming contracts and deals in the pipeline. The harsh reality is that they do not and as a result we have seen a steady sell off of ROI shares resulting in the currentl lows.


Do you understand the lifecycle of a business?

I do - I have built and sold no less than 5 multi million dollar businesses all in the technology sector in my short carrrer thus far and am intimately familiar with the RFP process and the value of a subscription based model. 


If you're unhappy with management contact them and have them explain to you what their intentions are and where they see the business going

ROI's management has communicated on a quarterly basis where they see the business going and the revenue opportunities that exisit. It is a public company so calling to get an inside line on what is going on would be illegal - if there is material information that would affect the sp it needs to be communicated to all and presumably the BOD is making sure this happens on a Quaterly basis.  Sadly - what has been promised and what has been delivered vary greatly as seen once again by the steady decline in the share price. 


then if you're still not happy sell your shares and move on to a company you're happy with.

If think the technology and market timing are sound, if not incredible. If i wasn't half way into to my next start up I would seriously take a look at working with some private equity friends with the idea of taking the company private. As for selling - why would I want to take a 75% hair cut when I think things can be turned around with the right management in place.


This constant whining just make you and flubber and simon look like idiots surely you can see that.

Why do you turn to name calling and bullying - I think I have prevented a clear and concise opinion one that is clearly shared by other individuals and institutions  given the decline of the sp over the past 3 + years.  


Would you wear shoes that were too small and hurt your feet or would you buy ones that fit or would you continue to wear the shoes that were too small and complain they hurt your feet? All the while your friends laughing behind your back saying and thinking what a dolt you are for not just fixing the problem.

Again more bullying and berating - if i bought shoes that fit and then shrank and hurt my feet I would return to the store as ask for a refund. Sadly I cannot do that so I am left with communicating my frustration with the management at ROI in the hope that other share holders and institutions might share my disappointment and finally get some new management in place who can make ROI the great company it could be.


PS i apologize in advance for any typos/spelling mistakes as this was written on my iPad - the article editor on this board is a little eractic.


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